MakerspaceCT Awarded $10,000 Grant from Infosys Foundation USA’s Infy Makers Awards

Hartford, CT – [January 17, 2024] – MakerspaceCT, a hub for innovation and education in Hartford, CT, is thrilled to announce its successful grant award of $10,000 from Infosys Foundation USA’s Infy Makers Awards. This grant serves as an acknowledgment of MakerspaceCT’s commitment to promoting equitable pathways in computer science education, particularly among underrepresented communities.

The Infy Makers Awards, presented by Infosys Foundation USA, targets educators and organizations fostering inclusivity in computer science education for K-12 students. MakerspaceCT’s Lead Instructor of Advanced Technology, Julie Gauthier, expressed her excitement, stating, “Receiving this grant is a tremendous honor. It reinforces our dedication to providing opportunities for young minds, particularly girls, in the realm of game design and computer science.”

The grant enables MakerspaceCT to launch the “Girls in Gaming: Closing the Gender Gap in Game Design” program. This initiative aims to empower young women age 14-17 from underprivileged communities by teaching game development fundamentals, fostering teamwork, and promoting career pathways in technology and software engineering.

“Our vision at MakerspaceCT is to uplift individuals and communities through innovation and education,” said Devra Sisitsky, MakerspaceCT’s executive director. “This grant enables us to bridge economic barriers and inspire diverse talent to thrive in Connecticut’s technology landscape.”

“We are proud to continue our work in the Hartford area by supporting the exciting new initiatives hosted at Makerspace CT, expanding exposure to maker education as an on-ramp to even greater engagement in STEM and computer science. Congratulations to Makerspace CT for this well-deserved recognition!”, said Kate Maloney, Executive Director, Infosys Foundation USA.

“Girls in Gaming: Closing the Gender Gap in Game Design” starts on March 27, 2024. This is a 20 hour, FREE opportunity for CT Girls aged 14-17. Class size is limited to 10 students. The application is now open at

The grant funds will support various program elements, including equipment, teaching staff, and guest lectures from industry professionals.

Through this award, MakerspaceCT continues its mission to create a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem, opening doors for aspiring young minds to pursue careers in technology.

For more information about MakerspaceCT and its initiatives, please visit

For more information about Infosys Foundation USA, please visit

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About MakerspaceCT

McEIVR, Inc. dba MakerspaceCT’s (hereinafter,”MakerspaceCT”) mission is to positively impact lives by enabling access, innovation, and education.  Our vision uses making as a vehicle to lift up individuals and communities.

MakerspaceCT is a skills development center for makers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, members and students. Since 2019, we have offered our community unparalleled support and resources to learn and create. The 28,000 square foot workshop in the iconic G. Fox Building in downtown Hartford is a place for residents, students, hobbyists, aspiring innovators, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to access the tools, technology, resources and educational opportunities they need to succeed in the state’s manufacturing and technology workforce. 

The ten individual workshops we provide are equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software, offering virtual reality equipment and programming to support education-to-career pathways. Our professional and instructional staff are versed in digital fabrication and design processes, making us uniquely suited to provide innovative, outcomes-based programs. We have meaningful collaborations with schools and universities in the STEM disciplines and connect program graduates with local manufacturers.

We administer the following key programs:

  • Engineering Primer Program (established in 2022) – our premier 10-week job training program that covers multiple areas of engineering and manufacturing;
  • MAKE’n’ABLE (established in 2022)- an 8-week program for high school students on the principles of computer aided design and 3D printing. The students produce 3D printed prosthetic limbs and mechanical hands that are donated to amputees in need;
  • Summer STEM (established in 2021)- a multi-week technology and arts based summer day camp program. Each week has a unique “hands on” curriculum that includes a take home product;
  • OSHA10 safety training (established Winter 2023);
  • Membership based shared workshop (established in April 2019); and
  • MakerBattle (established in 2021) – an annual robot combat competition for all ages.  
  • Game Design for Girls – building new skills and creative thinking abilities while exploring game development with girls aged 12-15

MakerspaceCT is committed to providing accessible programming that reflects the community and times in which we operate. As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to devastate America’s health, economy, and workforce, a comprehensive recovery will be slower for marginalized students who are less likely to receive the tailored education and training required to secure and sustain successful careers in the technology and manufacturing sectors. The remedy lies in our work on-the-ground to address the systemic gaps through a content rich, curriculum-based instruction that fosters academic mastery across a range of technology and manufacturing subjects, with cross-cutting skills, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Please visit our website for more information and visuals:

About Infosys Foundation USA

The mission of Infosys Foundation USA is to expand access to computer science and maker education for K-12 students and educators across the USA, while working to digitally upskill all learners for 21st century technology-enabled opportunities.

The Foundation achieves impact through the delivery of professional development programs for teachers, K16 digital skills learning platforms, partnerships with leading nonprofits, and innovative media campaigns that inspire everyone to be creators, not just consumers, of technology.

Infosys Foundation USA believes that all K-12 students must have the opportunity to create the solutions, technologies and products that address important challenges to make their communities- and the world- a better place. To achieve this, K-12 students need to develop 21st century skills that allow them to thrive in the digital economy. Computer science is one such essential skill. 

Access to computer science is not equitable and many underserved and underrepresented students in STEM fields find computer science inaccessible and irrelevant.  Infosys Foundation USA supports maker education and provides multiple pathways for all students to engage in hands-on computer science in ways that are personally meaningful, culturally relevant, and inclusive.

Through the Infy Makers Awards program, Infosys Foundation USA supports today’s makers at schools and in communities, encouraging them to become our next generation of inventors. Since 2016, the Foundation has spent over $1 million and supported over 100 organizations across the country. The 2023 Infy Makers Award winners recognize the 10 amazing educators, museums and organizations from communities across the US who are committed to fostering inclusive computer science through maker education.

Learn more about Infosys Foundation USA at

Learn more about the Infy Maker Awards:

2023 Infy Makers Awards announcement:

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Our mission is to positively impact lives by enabling access, innovation, and education.

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