MakerspaceCT VCarve Member License.

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Preface note: VCarve Pro is available only on Windows 7,8,10 MacOS and Linux are not supported.

Machine Code (GCODE) can only be generated from specific computers in the MCT Shop (see details below).

MakerspaceCT Client ID: 4E936-AA99A-893DD-8A192-76500-226C3-91CA5


TL;DR: Want to use VCarve Pro on your Windows PC at home? Download the free trial here, click “Help”->”About” in the menus up top, and then “Enter Makerspace ID” listed above. Restart the program and you’ll have access to all of the VCarve design files. You will not be able to generate GCode accept at MCT, and your files will only open on your computer and MCT computers. At this time the Makerspace Client is only compatible with VCarve Pro V11.

Vectric’s VCarve Pro program offers a very powerful, but exceptionally easy to use, solution for people wanting to create toolpaths (instructions for the CNC machine to follow) for a very wide variety of CNC machines.

These toolpaths can be generated from existing designs created in other CAD packages or by designing from scratch in VCarve Pro. However, investing in toolpathing software for people who don’t own their own CNC machine can be prohibitively expensive. Using software licensed and installed at the Makerspace is possible, but often awkward, restricting the time that can be spent on the toolpathing to the time which can be spent at the Makerspace using their computers.

The MAKER edition of VCarve Pro is designed to address these issues by allowing Makerspace members to work on their projects at home on their own computer using the free Makerspace Client edition of VCarve Pro.

The Makerspace Client edition will allow users to design from scratch or import their data from other packages and includes the ability to both generate and simulate toolpaths (but not save toolpaths in a format which can be read by the CNC machine). The user can then bring their VCarve Pro files from the Makerspace Client edition into the Makerspace and save their toolpaths for the Makerspace CNC machine using the Makerspace edition of VCarve Pro licensed and installed at the Makerspace.


1) Download the free Trial edition of VCarve Pro from and install it on your computer(s) at home.

2) To allow the files you create with the Trial edition to be used at your Makerspace (or shared with other users of your Makerspace for collaborative projects), go to ‘Help – About’ on your Trial edition, press the ‘Enter Makerspace ID (see above)’ button on the dialog and enter the ‘Makerspace ID’ for your Makerspace in the dialog which pops up.

That’s it! When you restart the trial version it will identify itself as the Makerspace Client edition (though the Desktop/Start Menu Shortcuts will not function) and files you create in your Makerspace Client edition can now be opened at your Makerspace and the toolpaths saved for the CNC machine. You can work with your files on your desktop, laptop etc. as long as you enter the same MakerspaceID into the Trial version on each of your computers. You can also share files you create or edit with other members of your Makerspace. If you want to send a file to another person who is not a member of your Makerspace, simply save the file from the VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition installed at MakerspaceCT.


The VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition is installed at MakerspaceCT on three workstations in our computer lab. Look for one of the PCs labeled “VCMAKER” to use the pro version and to generate your GCODE for projects.

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